How to Track Stolen Laptop With Serial Number

How to Track Stolen Laptop With Serial Number (5 Best Tips 2023)


How to Track Stolen Laptop With Serial Number

Laptops get stolen all the time in everyday life, and if you’re unlucky enough to be the victim of theft, the first thing you’ll want to do is try and track it down. Lucky for you, most laptops come with a unique serial number that can be used to track it down.

Here’s how to track a stolen laptop:

1. Locate your laptop’s serial number.

2. Report the theft to the police.

3. Contact the manufacturer of your laptop.

4. File a report with your insurance company (if applicable).

5. Use online tracking tools to help find your laptop.

6. Keep the police report on file in case you need to provide proof of ownership later on.

7. Contact your local recycling center to see if anyone has turned in a laptop with your serial number.

8. If all else fails, consider purchasing a tracking device for your laptop.

In this article, we’ll read all the methods about “How to Track Stolen Laptop With Serial Number”.

What Is a Serial Number and Where Can You Find It on Your Laptop?

When you buy a laptop, it usually comes with a unique serial number. This number is used to identify your laptop and track it if it’s ever stolen.

The serial number is usually located on the bottom of the laptop, near the manufacturer’s information. You can also find it in the system properties menu.

If your laptop is ever stolen, you can report the theft to the police and provide them with the serial number.

They’ll be able to track the laptop and return it to you.

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Can a stolen laptop be tracked with a serial number

Can stolen laptop has serial number? It’s okay. The process also happens smoothly. The stolen device serial number should be followed.

There are numerous laptops available on the market and it’s understandable that many people may be curious about how it applies to computers.

What does Serial Numbers mean in computer theft? With digitalization, the tracking of devices becomes increasingly crucial.

Tracking a laptop with its serial number

Let me tell you how to find a laptops serial numbers so you can track it for a possible theft or misplacement.

Usually it is a good idea to contact the manufacturers to explain how this was done or not. Then call. If someone asks for a serial number, give this and they will give you information. Because laptops are regularly monitored and checked on by manufacturers they may also give you a place to find them.

Nevertheless, you must remember that there is no precise location and this is not the best method for tracking laptop devices. Nevertheless there’s still the chance that you can get a chance and find a laptop to use.

How to Track Your Stolen Laptop Using the Serial Number

If your laptop is ever stolen, the best thing you can do to track down a lost or stolen device using its unique serial number. Here’s how:

First, make sure you have the serial number written down and stored in a safe place. You’re going to need it later.


Next, go to the Stolen Laptop website and input your serial number into the search bar. This website will tell you the location of your laptop, as well as its current IP address.

If your laptop is ever stolen, this is a great way to track it down and get it back.

What to Do if You’re Unable to Track Your Laptop

So your laptop has been stolen and, as a result, you’re frantically trying to track it down. But what do you do if you’re unable to track it using the serial number?

Well, the first step is to contact the police and file a report.

They’ll be able to help you track your laptop using other methods, such as checking with local pawn shops or tracking the IP address of the thief.

In some cases, you may also be able to remotely access your laptop if you’ve installed tracking software before it was stolen.

This will allow you to see where it is and what the thief is doing with it.

But whatever you do, don’t give up! There are plenty of ways to track a stolen laptop, so don’t lose hope.

Other methods to track a laptop

It’s possible for someone to get their stolen laptop by using tracking software installed. This technique can also be used to stop your vehicle being stolen. Take this technique to keep your computer safe when it is stolen from your hands.

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How can I track a stolen HP laptop?

Often stolen HP computer parts are hard to find. The cause of this is that people do not remember the serial number of devices they have purchased as the serial number is typically hidden in notebooks and only included on computers after the purchase.

This is the way the serial numbers can be located from the manufacturing facility to the shipyard, depending on where they have been sold.

Even if you know the laptops serial numbers, finding them can become elusive. This is how you can track a stolen laptop easily.

You can compare the data in the database with your data to find the most appropriate place to locate your computer.

Is it easy to track a brand new stolen HP laptop?

The device’s IP address will help you to find the exact location of your laptop you lost. If the laptop in question was stolen by someone, you won’t be able to recover the computer.

You lose every opportunity of retrieving the data from your hard drive. If you registered on a PC, maybe you expected it to come home.

If your computer had a GPS tracker such as the LoJack GPS, it could have given you more confidence in returning it.

How can I track stolen Lenovo laptops using serial numbers?

Previously, users had to contact their local police departments for a report.

Now they have the option to contact Absolute Software to file their lawsuit. Absolute can locate the device via a BIOS embedded tracking algorithm when the user submits it.

The computer can also be tracked through Adeona. Those with lost or stolen ThinkPads must register with Adeona to upload photos to Adeona. After that Adeona sends a personalized tracking email to the customer requesting a photo of the laptop, the device will also need proof of ownership, including receipts.

How to Prevent Your Laptop From Being Stolen in the First Place

One of the best ways to protect your laptop & other devices is to make sure it has a serial number. That way, if it ever gets stolen, you can track it down.

Here’s how:

The first step is to select System from the Control Panel. Next, select the Hardware tab. You’ll see the Serial Number listed there. Note it down and keep it in a safe corner.

If your laptop ever gets stolen, you can report the theft to the police and give them the serial number. They’ll be able to track it down and get it back to you.

Tracing a Windows Laptops

The Windows Laptop would be much easier for the user. Microsoft has introduced the new Windows devices detection feature .It’s the best device feature by Windows Laptop.

By operating on your computer the software will start locating your laptop from the moment your computer was stolen. It will be necessary for you for Microsoft Account to log onto the device for the search function.

Follow this procedure to completion. Your laptop cannot be found without power. It’ll take a strong internet connection to locate the location using the GPS. If it isn’t! contact your internet service provider. Now you can check if you have a laptop running.

FAQs About How to Track Stolen Laptops With Serial Number

Here are a few FAQs about tracking laptops with serial numbers:

Can a stolen laptop be tracked?

Yes, there are methods of searching the internet if someone stole their PC. If you wish to track stolen laptops, the computer should have the tracking feature on it if it does. It is possible that reputable third-party software tracking services will help monitor your computer. Above all, you need an active internet connection.

Can I find a stolen laptop by serial number or MAC Address?

A serial number or MAC address cannot be accessed by a user without a computer’s serial number. The laptop will not work properly with any GPS device unless the internet is used for tracking the computer. There is some software that can help in tracking the laptop through “Find my Device” feature on both MacBook and Windows laptops.

Can you track a computer with a serial number?

Your laptop’s serial numbers will tell the manufacturer if your laptop was stolen and where it is located when you tell them it’s been stolen. You can keep an eye on the location and this is not a very accurate means for tracking the computer.

Q: How can I track my laptop with serial number, if it’s stolen?

A: In most cases, you can track your stolen laptop with serial number. This number is unique to your device and can be used to track it down.

Q: How do I track my stolen laptop using Dropbox Account?

A: IP addresses & GPS tracking are the most straightforward techniques to track a stolen laptop, and you can use a different device to check the settings for sites you commonly use. If the perpetrator has an internet connection, your Dropbox should sync as soon as they turn on your laptop, you can easily peep through their account activity. When that happens, you can track your laptop with their accurate location.

Q: How Can You Track The Laptop with Microsoft Account?

To track your stolen device, you have to log in to the device with a existing Microsoft account from which your ” Find my device” option will start working. Here is how you can do it. Go to Start and select Accounts. Click your account and go to ‘update and security in the settings tab. If your information is displayed, then you’re on. If not, you need to log in sessions.

Q: What if my laptop is stolen and I don’t have the serial number?

A: If your laptop is stolen and you don’t have the serial number, the chances of tracking it down are slim to none. In this case, your best bet is to hope that someone finds it and turns it in to the police.


If your laptop is ever stolen, there are a few things you can do to try and track it down. The most important thing is to have your serial number registered with a tracking service. This way, if your laptop is ever found, the tracking service can contact you and return it to you.

You can also install tracking software on your laptop that will help you track it down if it’s ever stolen. This tracking software will send you an alert if your laptop is moved, so you can track its location.

Remember, the most important thing is to stay vigilant and keep track of your laptop’s serial number. If it’s ever stolen, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get it back with the right tools.

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